The story of Draugaskáld

Sofie Draheim

My name is Sofie, and I've always been in love with writing.

I grew up in the British countryside and spent much of my time writing stories and acting them out in the bluebell forests near my house. The complexity of Norse mythology captured me from a young age, and as I've grown, so has my love for incorporating archaic language into my writing in an attempt to mimic the voices of skalds and storytellers long gone.

I have been fortunate enough to meet a community of like-minded people equally fascinated by the histories and cultures of our pre-Christian ancestors, and creative in their attempts to reimagine the art and storytelling of the past. I have released a collection of short stories inspired by ancient myths, and intend for this to be the first volume of many. I am constantly daydreaming about the stories in my head, many of them in the fantasy genre, and cannot wait to pursue novel writing full-time.

As an introvert who has often struggled with gaining confidence in sharing my writing, I am also passionate about encouraging a love for storytelling in others, and am always interested in collaberating with like-minded artists.